Commercial Services
for ISVs
(Independent Software Vendors)

Within our commercial services for ISVs, as an IT business development and sales consultancy, we have a variety of business models to suit the needs of ISVs (software vendors) at every stage and need of their business life, from prospecting support to full account management and sales channel development.

servicios comerciales para ISV - Springboard35

We find your ideal partners
and shorten your sales cycles.

Once an ISV has achieved a good market entry, its technology and customers become assets for expansion. There are a variety of growth opportunities in Latin America and Southern Europe, where Spain, France, Italy and Portugal account for 45% of European GDP.

Even if you already have your own sales force, finding local partners in these target markets is essential to achieve the desired penetration.

What you get with our
commercial services for ISVs

At Springboard35 we help you develop channel selling to help you manage partnerships and strategic alliances, saving you time and resources. We help you find your ideal partners and shorten sales cycles.

Equipo desarrollo de canal

Un equipo de desarrollo del canal de ventas para certificar sus clientes potenciales, aumentar alianzas comerciales estratégicas, cerrar nuevos clientes.

Adaptación al mercado

Tailoring the message to the local market


Pivot in case of specificmarket difficulties.

Comunicación Constante

Constant communication with partners to ensure:

  • Attractive margins.
  • Cross-selling.
  • After-sales support.
Gesetión ciclo ventas

Sales cycle management and back-office management.

Being our partner
is ALL advantages

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Are you an ISV and want to expand your technology business and increase your sales?

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