Commercial Services for Technology Scaleups

At Springboard35 we understand the unique needs of tech scaleups in this sensitive (and frenetic) time of growth and expansion. Our commercial services for technology scaleups are designed to help you achieve your business goals and outperform the competition in an increasingly growing, changing and competitive market.

We offer you an immediate commercial team specialised in your sector.

In the expansion stage of tech scaleups, commercial expenses must be focused on growing and expanding quickly and sustainably, and to do this you need to find out local needs, detect potential customers quickly and replicate the model to go out to new markets.

With our commercial services for technology scaleups, Springboard35 offers you an immediate commercial team specialised in your type of solution and sector, which will substantially reduce time-to-market and optimise your investment.

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What we can offer you at Springboard35
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Tests with initial customers and their impressions will be the basis for establishing a benchmark.


Every market is unique but there are strategies that are replicable in different environments.

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At Springboard35 we help you establish local alliances with strategic partners: cloud service providers, MSPs, resellers, integrators and operators.


Expand your possibilities and increase the number of customers in Southern Europe and Latin America.

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Take your Tech Scaleup to the next level

If your company is already at that point where your product is perfectly defined, you already have relevant and recurrent customers in a market and you have even been able to receive funding (Series B-C), then your business objectives are no longer the same as when you were a startup: now your focus is on sustainable growth and even international expansion.

Our commercial services for technology scaleups are designed to and focused on boosting your growth, presence (local and international) and profitability. Whether you need strategic advice or operational support, we are here to provide you with customised solutions and support you every step of the way.

Contact us today and find out how our services can propel your IT scaleup to profitable and sustainable success. Together, we will achieve extraordinary results.

Drive your tech scaleup to sustainable success

  • Geographical Expansion Strategies

Are you ready to take your technology scaleup to new markets? Our team of expert consultants in B2B software / SaaS sales will work with you to identify opportunities in different geographic regions. From market research to adapting your offering to local requirements, we’ll help you effectively and successfully enter new territories.


  • Strategic Partnership Development

Strategic partnerships are a powerful way to accelerate the growth of your IT scaleup. At Springboard35 we will help you establish strong collaborations with strategic partners to help you distribute your Software / SaaS more efficiently and provide you with access to new business opportunities through a sales channel development plan. We will identify, negotiate and establish beneficial strategic relationships and alliances that will drive your growth and expansion.

Why choose our services for Scaleups?

  • Experience in Technology Scaleups

Our team has extensive experience in supporting technology scaleups at various stages of growth, whether it be local or international business expansion, or even diversification. We have worked with tech companies of all types and understand the specific challenges they face. From growing locally to expanding into new markets, we specialise in guiding scaleups every step of the way.


  • Customised Strategies for Business Expansion

We understand that every technology scaleup has unique needs and goals. That’s why we develop customised strategies for each partner, taking into account their solution, target market, situation and needs. Our approach is based on understanding your business model, identifying growth opportunities and designing a tailor-made expansion plan. Whether you are looking to expand geographically, pivot or diversify your services, we will work with you to achieve your specific objectives.

Our focus on results

At Springboard35 we exist, like all companies in the world, to deliver results, and it is precisely because of our results that we stand out and are known: we have been helping all types of software technology companies around the world to expand into new markets for more than 20 years. That’s why our partners are behind us and our successes precede us. Without those partners who trusted us one day, and the results we deliver, we wouldn’t be where we are today… and they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Being our partner is ALL advantages:

Are you an IT Scaleup and want to expand your business and increase your sales?

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Our commercial services for technology scaleups, tech scaleups and IT scaleups

Our commercial services for technology scaleups

Our commercial services for technology scaleups are designed to help you achieve your business goals and outperform the competition in an increasingly growing, changing and competitive market.

So you are a tehcnology Scale-Up and would like to expand your business. Tell us about your case and we will contact you.