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Springboard35 is a B2B Business Development & Sales Consultancy with a technology DNA. Our focus is to accelerate your growth in an agile, profitable, secure and sustainable way.

With our Sales Outsourcing services, we expand your technology startup or scaleup and help you sell your software/SaaS in Southern Europe and Latam, and reach your sales goals.


Why choose
as a B2B Sales &
Business Consultancy

Because we have been doing B2B Business Development for disruptive and innovative technology companies for over 20 years, which has given us the experience, knowledge, methodology and contacts necessary for no one to beat us at this.

Tech companies value us because we act as their local sales force, enabling them to overcome cultural or linguistic entry barriers, offering fast market penetration and a very short time to market with flexible agreements, optimising their costs and reducing risks.

In short: at Springboard35, we help you in your international business expansion, selling your technology solution for you, so that you can focus on your business; we offer you commercial services that will allow your technology company to grow quickly and sustainably and achieve your sales targets.

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Solutions to expand
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Outsourcing your sales force with us is all advantages. Get a quick and agile market launch and gain a specialised sales team.

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As experts in IT Business Development and consultative selling of technology solutions, we help you to expand into new markets and increase your sales.

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We implemented a sales channel development and partner management strategy by finding technology partners and closing deals with resellers, integrators and MSPs.

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We are your sales representative. We carry out market research, identify your potential customers, qualify them and arrange a first meeting.

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We offer technology startups an in-depth market research service, allowing them to understand their field of activity, thereby reducing risks and uncovering opportunities.



Scale your B2B technology product and gain commercial momentum.



Expand your B2B business beyond your current market.



Develop sales channels and strategic alliances for your B2B business.

We ensure your success in
the commercial expansion of
your technology business


Do you want to expand your technology company?

Increase your sales quickly, sustainably and safely.

We help technology companies to increase their sales in Southern Europe and Latin America in various sectors.
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How far do you want to expand your technology business?

We operate with local teams in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Latin America, and have a strategic global partnership with AEXUS in the rest of Europe, North America and APAC, allowing you to leap the cultural and linguistic barriers of any market you want to expand into.

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How do we
achieve it?

As specialists in B2B Sales and IT Business Development, we know the commercial world of startups and scaleups, and we know what their main problems are when they want to go to market… and we solve them.

And we do it better than anyone else because we put at your service the experience, knowledge, tools and contacts accumulated over more than 20 years to help you expand your business, increasing your sales in a more agile, profitable and secure way, with tangible results in a short time.

We have helped many software companies to expand their sales in Southern Europe and Latin America in sectors as diverse as Healthcare, Renewable Energies, Industry, Retail or Telecommunications.

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B2B Sales & Business consultancy is a professional service that helps companies improve their business and commercial performance. A business consultant (or Business Developer) is not a “simple salesperson”, but focuses on identifying a company’s business opportunities, develops a plan to address them and carries it out. The goal of a business consultant is to improve a company’s business performance and increase its profitability by achieving greater results in less time and with fewer resources.

At Springboard35, as a business consultancy and B2B sales agency with expertise in technology Business Development, we specialise, in particular, in consultative selling and medium and long sales cycles, helping startups, scaleups and other innovative technology companies to sell their solutions (mainly software, mainly SaaS) in almost any market in the world and covering the entire sales process and cycle, from the development of the business plan and market prospecting to the closing of the deals.

In order to help clients expand their business by increasing their sales volume, a B2B business consultancy, as a sales agency, analyses the client’s solution, product or service (in our case, mainly software / SaaS) and looks for the best strategy and the best market to sell it in.

Once the internal commercial consultancy process has been completed (the client’s situation is known, their commercial needs are known and the product is well understood), the commercial consultancy or sales agency moves on to action; firstly, the ideal market and target clients are determined, as well as the decision-makers to be addressed, and a commercial pitch is created with which to approach them.

From there, the field work begins: sales. Market prospecting is carried out and the commercial activity as such is developed. In this case, it is worth highlighting the different commercial models; for example, at Springboard35 we offer 3 types of sales or commercial outsourcing models or services:

  • BDM (or Business Development), where the entire sales cycle is covered, from initial consultancy, to prospecting and obtaining leads and meetings, to closing the sale. This model is ideal especially for products with high ticket volumes and long sales cycles.

  • SDR (Sales Representative or prospecting salesforce), where the commercial work is limited to market prospecting and the acquisition and qualification of leads until the closing of a first meeting; for the SDR or Sales Representative, the sales cycle ends here.

  • Channel development (or partnership management): many technology companies prefer a commercial system based on the development of sales channels, whereby other distributors (ISVs: integrators, technology consultants, resellers, MSPs, etc.) sell or distribute their solution, thus accessing the entire customer base of that distributor and reducing commercial costs as well as speeding up the sales process. This type of sales model is based more on the search for strategic partners than on the search for end customers.

A B2B Sales & Business consultancy can benefit your technology company in a number of ways:

  • Identify growth opportunities: As mentioned above, a business consultant is not a “simple” salesperson, but can help identify growth and development opportunities for your company. This may include expanding into new markets or creating strategic alliances that allow you to grow faster and more efficiently with fewer resources. In this way you can increase your profitability and customer base.

  • Improve operational efficiency: External business consultants can help your company save resources (money, time). A business consultant is an expert trained and specialised in certain fields (in the case of Springboard35, innovative software solutions for example) that will allow you to reach your sales targets faster and therefore allow you to be more efficient with those resources. By improving efficiency, your company can therefore reduce costs and time and improve its profitability.

  • Develop effective sales strategies: Business consultants can also help by identifying new target markets, creating more effective sales pitches or conducting more efficient sales campaigns. By developing more effective sales strategies, your company can improve its market positioning and attract new customers faster.

  • Develop a long-term strategic plan: Business consultants work to develop a long-term strategic plan. This can include identifying clear objectives and goals, developing an action plan, and implementing a tracking system to measure progress. By doing this, your business will be better prepared to face challenges, better adapt to setbacks and take better advantage of opportunities in the future.

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Do you want to expand your technology company?

Increase your sales quickly, sustainably and safely.