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Our market research for tech companies provides technology startups and scaleups with in-depth market research, enabling them to understand their business terrain, reduce risks and uncover opportunities.

Market research is the collection and analysis of relevant data to define the marketing and Go to Market strategy. Information related to customers, competitors, market and trends is acquired, processed and analysed.

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Estudios de mercado - Market research



Market growth: Retrospective and current situation, future prospects, complementarity, etc.



Potential market, framework of companies to be targeted and their typology, observation of needs, analysis of consumers.



All those key legal issues that would help the solution to expand better, be it financial aid, subsidies, exemptions or tax relief.



Relative positions and self-identification, blind spots, pricing system, future goals, positioning maps and benchmarking: comparative evaluation.



Study of Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, as well as their possible combinations



To know the potential company or person who will want to acquire the solution in order to achieve expansion in a much more effective and efficient way.



Value proposition: what the customer expects from the product, explaining to the customer how they can benefit.

Differential value: after looking at the competitor analysis, the change in customer utility that a product offers compared to the alternative or the competition.



Strategies and concrete actions in: marketing, product, sales, IT, legal, etc.

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Market research is a crucial tool in the business world, providing valuable information for strategic decision-making. But what exactly is market research and what is it for?

Market research is in-depth research that focuses on analysing a specific sector, market or niche. It provides an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the market in question. This is essential for identifying opportunities, assessing demand, understanding the competition and determining the viability of a product or service in that market.

The importance of market research lies in its ability to minimise risk in business decision making and can drive the growth and success of your software technology business by optimising investment in business development, sales and even product.

In short, market research is an invaluable resource for gaining deep insight into a market and basing strategic decisions on hard data.

Market studies are key to the business strategy of any technological business, as they provide the following benefits:

  1. Risk Reduction: Market research allows companies to identify obstacles and opportunities before launching a product or service. By understanding the competition, market needs and potential challenges, proactive measures can be taken to minimise financial and operational risks. This anticipation reduces the probability of failure and protects the company’s investment.
  2. Resource and Time to Market Optimisation: By conducting market research, companies can focus their resources more efficiently. This means that unnecessary expenditure on developing products or services that may not be in demand can be avoided. In addition, by better understanding the market, the development and launch process is accelerated, allowing the company to reach the market at the optimal time and gain a competitive advantage.
  3. Improved Decision Making: Market research provides accurate, evidence-based information. This information is invaluable for strategic decision-making. By understanding customer preferences, market trends and competitive dynamics, companies can make more informed decisions. This leads to a better approach to marketing strategy, product development and business expansion.

In short, this is an essential tool for any company wishing to succeed in a competitive environment. By reducing risk, optimising resources and time, and improving decision-making, companies can make smarter, more strategic decisions that lead to sustainable growth and success. If you are looking to gain competitive advantage and maximise your business opportunities, market research is the way to go.

Our market research service for technology businesses provides a comprehensive analysis that gives you a thorough understanding of your business environment. We dive into qualitative and quantitative data, exploring market trends, consumer behaviours and competition. By examining these critical variables, we provide strategic insights that will help you make informed decisions and design effective business strategies.

From identifying market niches to assessing opportunities and threats, our comprehensive approach equips you with the information you need to stand out in your industry. With Springboard35, you get not only data, but also a deep understanding of how to seize emerging opportunities and overcome market challenges. Drive your business to success with our specialised Market Research, designed to empower your vision and guide your actions towards sustainable growth.

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