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Are you looking to boost and expand your software business and achieve long-term sustainable growth? Springboard35’s Business Development service is your solution!

Our team of BDM experts will work with you to identify the key areas of opportunity for your business and execute effective strategies to leverage them.

We are your
international Sales Team

With our Business Development services, we sell your solution for you. We have a vast knowledge of technology and the markets in which we operate, as well as an extensive international network of contacts. This allows us to quickly identify opportunities in the different countries and sectors in which we work and enter them in a faster and more efficient way.

Get faster results
by reducing initial investment

In a phase of business expansion where resources are still lacking, but above all experience in the markets of interest, investing money and effort in setting up an in-house Business Development team is risky, inefficient and ineffective.

We remove those barriers because we are already in those markets with an international team that is highly specialised in a multitude of technologies and sectors, resulting in faster and more cost-effective expansion.

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What we do for you with our
Business Development service

At Springboard35 we offer you the possibility of completely outsourcing your business development department, from prospecting to negotiation and agreement. We will be your sales force, your sales team: you provide your identity and credentials, we provide the contacts, the tools, the experience and the work.



To begin with, as a business development company, we work together to ensure that your solution is assimilated and internalised by the awarded sales team and that they become an integral part of your team.



In a second phase, the team will map the target market, identifying verticals, key accounts and key people.



This is where the commercial work begins, where the commercial pitches are designed and the target persons are contacted in order to create interest and close a first meeting.



After that first contact, the team will ensure that the lead’s interest is maintained and build a relationship leading to a commercial agreement.



In addition and optionally, our relationship can continue to support you in the management of the accounts you have won, with the objective of creating solid, long-lasting and profitable business relationships with them.

Being our partner
is ALL advantages

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  • Market analysis: We understand that market analysis is crucial for any business looking to grow. Our expert BDM (Business Development) consultants have access to a wide range of market analysis tools, coupled with a unique network of contacts, experience, expertise and methodology, accumulated over 20 years, that allow us to gather valuable information about markets, your ideal market and customers, and your competition, and use this information to help you better understand your position and develop effective strategies for growth.

  • Opportunity identification: Once we have conducted a market analysis, we work with you to identify areas of opportunity for your business. This may include identifying new geographic areas to expand into or identifying new target markets.

  • Strategy design: Once we have identified key areas of opportunity, we work with you to design effective strategies to capitalise on them. This may include implementing an effective new sales strategy or geographic expansion.

At SpringBoard35, we understand that most businesses face challenges in their industry. That’s why our Business Development service is designed to help you overcome these challenges and achieve success. Here are some of the most common challenges businesses face and how we can help you:

  • Competition: Competition in your sector can be fierce. We work with you to identify areas of opportunity in the marketplace and develop effective strategies to compete successfully.
  • Changes in your sector: Markets are constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with change. At SpringBoard35, we keep abreast of changes in your sector and help you adapt to these changes effectively.
  • Changes in market demand: Market demand can change over time, and it is important to be prepared for these changes. We work with you to identify market trends and develop strategies to meet changing customer needs.
  • Changes in technology: Technology evolves, probably most rapidly and abruptly, and we know it can be difficult to keep up. We work with you to identify emerging technologies that can make or break your business and help you implement them effectively to keep up with the latest technology trends.

Sales management is a complex process that requires a combination of skills and knowledge. At Springboard35 we have a team of sales experts who are highly trained and have extensive experience in the field. We use a proven methodology for over 20 years and sales strategies to help our clients improve their efficiency and increase their conversion rate.

  • Expertise: We have a team of expert Business Development Management (BDM) consultants with years of experience in the industry and specialised in different technologies and markets. Our experts have extensive experience working with companies of different sizes, countries and even philosophies, which allows us to offer customised and effective solutions for the unique needs of your software technology company in Southern Europe and Latin America.

  • Customised approach: At SpringBoard35, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific needs and objectives and design customised solutions to help you achieve the success you’re looking for.

  • Commitment to success: At SpringBoard35, we know that our clients’ success is our success. We are committed to working with you collaboratively to help you achieve your business growth goals.

  • Holistic approach: Our Business Development service is not limited to one area of your business. We work closely with you to identify and address all the key areas of your business that need improvement to achieve long-term sustainable success.

At SpringBoard35, we offer an effective, customised Business Development service that is designed to help companies overcome industry challenges and achieve long-term sustainable success. With our expertise, personalised approach, commitment to success and holistic approach, we can help you achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level.

One of the areas to which most attention should be paid in order to increase the profitability of any type of company is business development, since this department is responsible for the management of products and services with the aim of strengthening sales and optimising the marketing process as much as possible.

In this way, in our business consultancy we take care of designing a strategic action plan to promote business development, using all our experience, tools, knowledge and contacts to detect, take advantage of and create opportunities that contribute to the growth of your company.

Therefore, at SpringBoard35 we work on business development from an interdisciplinary perspective, integrating ourselves into your company as if we were your own commercial team, making your philosophy our own but contributing our expertise to guarantee a quick and efficient market launch.

In this way, our team of business developers will start working directly with the sales team to develop proposals that contribute to the growth of your business. To do this, we have a strategy that we divide into 3 phases:


In this phase, we will focus on fully integrating into your organisation, assimilating your philosophy, acquiring your credentials, understanding your product, its characteristics (value proposition, USP…) and the market, assigning tasks and developing your pitch.


We will then proceed to map the market to find your ideal customers within the verticals or sectors where your product can best fit. Once this is done, we will establish an outreach strategy and start contacting decision makers, initiating the sales process.


If we are in an SDR model, we will work to get you the best qualified leads and get the first meeting (SQL); if we are in a BDM model, we will cover the whole cycle: we will lead the meetings and negotiations, make the demos and manage the whole process until the closing of the deal.

If after securing these agreements you want us to maintain and manage the previously obtained agreements, we can continue our professional relationship through our after-sales service (Account Management), which focuses on the creation and maintenance of more lasting and economically beneficial commercial relationships, which can end in up-selling and cross-selling.

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