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We are your international sales team

With our Business Development services, we sell your solution for you. We have a vast knowledge of technology and the markets in which we operate, as well as an extensive international network of contacts. This allows us to quickly identify opportunities in the different countries and sectors in which we work and enter them in a faster and more efficient way.

Achieve quick results while limiting initial investment

In a phase of business expansion where resources are still lacking, but especially expertise in the markets of interest, investing money and effort in creating an in-house commercial team is risky, inefficient and ineffective. We remove these barriers because we are already in those markets with an international team highly specialised in a multitude of technologies and sectors, resulting in faster and more cost-effective expansion.

At Springboard35 we offer you the possibility of completely outsourcing your business development department, from prospecting to negotiation and agreement. We will be your sales force, your sales team: you provide your identity and credentials; we provide the contacts, the tools, the experience and the work.

What can we do for you?



To begin with, as a Business Development company, we work together to ensure that the sales team you have awarded assimilates and internalises your solution and that they become an integral part of your team.



In the second phase, the team will map the target market, identifying verticals, key accounts and key people.



Here begins the commercial work in which the commercial pitches are designed and the target people are contacted in order to create interest and close a first meeting.



After that first contact, the team will take care of maintaining the lead’s interest and create a relationship that concludes in a commercial agreement.



Additionally and optionally, our relationship can continue to provide you with support in the management of the accounts we have acquired, with the aim of creating solid, long-lasting and profitable commercial relationships with them.

Being our partner is ALL advantages:
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Our business development services

As a business development company and business development consulting, we offer an outsourced business development management service to expand your technology company