Commercial services
for Tech Startups

One of the main commercial services we offer is the development of business expansion strategies for technology startups, as this is the type of company we work with the most and have the most experience with.

If you also have a software startup and want to make it grow quickly and safely, leave the sales of your SaaS in the best hands: ours.

We work hand in hand analysing and validating new opportunities in an efficient, fast and agile manner.

The process of expanding startups into new markets is always a delicate one, especially in unfamiliar international markets, due to the cultural and linguistic barriers and the investment in time and money involved.

The business development of a technology company in its initial stages should focus on finding suitable contacts so that, once the viability of your solution has been demonstrated (Product/Market Fit), you can start to generate traction to achieve cash flow.

Having financing and an attractive solution is not everything: now it's time to sell it.

And this is where Springboard35 comes in: we have the contacts, tools, knowledge and experience to get you going quickly, and thanks to our commercial services for startups you can benefit from all of them.

If your startup is already at that stage where you have validated that your software / SaaS works, there is demand, there is a market, there is traction, you already have your first customers and there is cashflow, but now you need to grow more and faster… you are in the right place: leave the commercial expansion of your startup in the hands of the best experts in software sales: ours.

How can we help you expand your tech startup?

At Springboard35 we understand that expansion is a fundamental and key part of any company’s growth, and that is precisely why we specialise in helping technology startups to expand both in their current markets and by jumping into new markets.

Our team of experts works with each tech startup to carry out a business development plan customised to the (often rapidly changing) needs of each startup. From identifying new markets or verticals to implementing sales strategies, we take care of everything to ensure your tech startup’s successful expansion.

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As experts in business development and consultative selling of software solutions, we help your technology startup to increase sales and market presence.

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We implement a sales channel development and partner management strategy for your technology startup, finding technology partners and closing agreements with resellers, integrators and MSPs.

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We are the commercial representative of your technology startup. We carry out market mapping, identify your potential customers, qualify them and close a first meeting.

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We offer technology startups an in-depth market research service, allowing them to understand their field of activity, thereby reducing risks and uncovering opportunities.

Being our partner
is ALL advantages

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At Springboard35, we offer a wide range of services to help technology startups grow and expand. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and our experts work closely with them to develop customised strategies to drive their growth and success. Our services include:

  • Business development for technology startups:
    • Planning and implementation of specialised and customised strategic plans for technology startups at all stages.
    • Analysis and evaluation of business models and commercial strategies.

Benefits: quick time to market, reducing risks and costs (savings in internal staff, with the time and effort involved in hiring and training them); ideal for smaller tech startups that do not yet have a commercial department or have a very small one and prefer to leave commercial tasks to experts.

  • Channel development for technology startups:
    • Planning and implementation of specialised and customised strategic plans for tech startups and scaleups at all stages.
    • Identification of ideal partners and strategic business alliances (integrators, resellers, technology consultancies, MSPs…).
      Development and implementation of sales strategies, reaching deals with these partners.

Benefits: quick market launch, reducing risks and costs; ideal for companies with a highly replicable and scalable technological product (mainly, but not exclusively, SaaS) interested in greater visibility and rapid growth at a lower cost.

  • SDR for technology startups:
    • Planning and implementation of specialised and customised strategic plans for tech startups at all stages.
    • Analysis and evaluation of business models and commercial strategies.
      Development and implementation of sales strategies, identifying quality leads and getting them to a first meeting.

Benefits: quick time to market, reducing risks and costs; ideal for larger companies that have an established sales department and want to take control of the sales cycle, but struggle to get qualified leads.

We understand that every technology startup has unique and sometimes rapidly changing needs and objectives. That’s why we offer customised expansion strategy development services to help our clients reach their full potential.

These strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Account Mapping: we conduct detailed market research to identify and qualify ideal and growth opportunities and accounts and niches where your tech startup can succeed.
  • Business Model Development (Account Planning): we work with our clients to develop a scalable and sustainable business model and strategy to enable them to grow and expand effectively.
  • Implementation of the commercial process: we carry out the commercial tasks, depending on the model chosen (BDM, SDR…), either identifying qualified leads and arranging meetings or carrying out the entire sales process, also leading demos, negotiations and closing deals.
  • Identification of new markets: we develop effective and viable expansion plans to launch your product in new markets, both national and international.

At Springboard35, we have been working with technology and innovative startups for years, so we specialise in technology products and solutions, we know the markets and we have the knowledge, tools, contacts and expertise you need. If you are looking to expand your technology startup, we are your business development partner.

Are you a tech startup and want to expand your business and increase your sales?

So you are a B2B tech Start-up and you would like to expand your business. Tell us your case and we will contact you.