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Our sales channel development, partner management and strategic alliances services are increasingly requested by software companies (especially those with SaaS) as part of our Sales Outsourcing services, as they are an excellent strategy to expand your visibility and commercial impact in a more efficient way.

Hybrid solutions in
channel development

At Springboard35 we help you develop your channel development strategy, helping you to expand your commercial impact. We have a network of partners with whom you can expand your strategic alliances and partnerships, as well as your sales channels quickly and securely.

This reduces your cost of acquisition (CAC) and support difficulties (SLA), allowing you to expand your revenue in a more convenient, simple and efficient way. Our channel development service is compatible with global ISVs (resellers, integrators, MSPs…) that offer a wide range of technology solutions. In this sector, expansion often sacrifices direct sales and gives preference to channel development, but we have it all.

As a general rule, if the business partner does not make sales within six months, your product or service may become a catalogue product. At Springboard35 we avoid this.

Our successful sales pipeline development methodology offers optimal onboarding of the new pipeline, plus follow-up reports that keep you informed of progress and joint sales programmes and lead generation through our commercial SDR.



Save time and resources by benefiting from the strength of the local partners and alliances we already have.



Our team will directly approach companies and trade events, collect information and create a potential customer base.

Interiorisation and

Sales channel development. Find strategic partners and distribute your software through MSPs, resellers, integrators, etc. thanks to our sales channel development services.



To begin with, as a business development company, we work together to ensure that your solution is assimilated and internalised by your sales team and that they become an integral part of your team.



In a second phase, the team will map the target market, identifying verticals, key accounts and key people.



This is where the commercial work begins, in which the commercial pitches are designed and the target people are contacted in order to create interest and close a first meeting.



After that first contact, the team will take care of maintaining the lead’s interest and create a relationship that will lead to a commercial agreement.

Partner Management



Devise appropriate strategies for each cooperation partner and ways to minimise channel conflicts.



Conduct working sessions with new partners to master the sales cycle and translate marketing materials.



Automate day-to-day processes and create follow-up reporting templates.



Communicate success stories and continue to motivate your new partners to keep the relationship going.

In addition, we take care of maintaining a fluid and constant communication with your new partners, so that the relationship lasts for, at least, 3 years.

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Channel development and business partner management services are increasingly in demand by our customers, as they are an excellent strategy to improve your organisation and business management, thus facilitating decision-making.

Thus, channel development and partner management programmes and strategic alliances in a business are the different ways to offer our software products (usually SaaS) to potential customers. To do this, you must have distributors and intermediaries that allow you to increase your reach, as this way you will be able to reach new business agreements that will allow you to expand your customer base.

Therefore, sales channel development and partner management is one of the best alternatives to meet our business objectives related to the growth and expansion of our business, as it gives us the opportunity to establish stronger and more profitable business relationships.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is essential that, when establishing the sales channel development or partner management measures of any business, special attention is paid to the selection of the intermediaries with whom commercial agreements are to be established. This is because, when choosing distributors, you must ensure that they have the resources and capacity to enter into agreements that meet your needs.

We use this information to help you better understand your position and develop effective strategies for growth.

  • Identifying opportunities: Once we have conducted a market analysis, we work with you to identify areas of opportunity for your business. This may include identifying new geographic areas to expand into or identifying new target markets.
  • Strategy design: Once we have identified key areas of opportunity, we work with you to design effective strategies to capitalise on them. This may include implementing an effective new sales strategy or geographic expansion.

Most used sales channels in business development

There are a wide variety of sales channels used in business development. However, some of the most commonly used by companies are as follows:

  • Direct sales channels

These are those in which the company offering its product and services is in direct contact with the customer or consumer. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the most effective channels for establishing more lasting relationships with customers, as it allows us to offer more personalised attention.

  • Indirect sales channels

These are those in which there is a figure who acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the end customer. In this way, it is the most appropriate type of sales channel to expand a business quickly and without making a large financial investment.

At SpringBoard35, as a business development consultancy, we are specialised in business channel development. Therefore, if you want to get more information about this service… contact us, and we will give you more information!

Sales channel development involves a number of key strategies that can transform the way a company distributes its products or services.

These strategies can include expanding the distribution network, collaborating with strategic partners and adopting digital approaches to reach new markets. By choosing the right strategies, companies can improve the visibility of their products, reach a wider audience and significantly increase their sales.

At Springboard35, we provide a detailed overview of these strategies, helping you understand how to effectively implement them in your business and achieve your growth objectives.

Sales channel development brings a number of benefits that can make a significant difference to the profitability and growth of your business. By diversifying your distribution channels, you can reduce dependence on a single market or channel, making you more resilient to economic fluctuations and changes in demand.

And by collaborating with other business partners, you can leverage their resources and expertise to reach new market segments more efficiently.

At Springboard35, we help you explore these benefits in depth and develop a sales channel development strategy that is tailored to your specific business needs, so you can maximise your opportunities for growth and success.

I would like to develop new sales channels. How can you help me?

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