Our Sales Outsourcing Services

At SpringBoard35, as a business development consulting firm, we offer various commercial outsourcing models to help companies increase sales, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our proven methodology and our extensive experience outsourcing the commercial departments of innovative technology companies have allowed us to be market leaders.

Sales Outsourcing:

We help you sell your technology solution

With our sales outsourcing services, you can outsource your sales department to us. Or, as we prefer to say, you can integrate us into your sales department as if we were your own sales force. From the inside, we will help your technology business grow in Southern Europe and LatAm, accompanying you throughout the sales process and carrying out the entire sales cycle.

More and more clients are requesting our commercial outsourcing service, as it is one of the best alternatives nowadays, not only to reduce your workload, but also your investment of resources and time in your market launch.

This is because through our outsourcing service we “take off your shoulders” both the process and the management of commercial tasks that, either due to lack of experience, time or other types of resources, companies cannot or do not want to take on.

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales Outsourcing (or Commercial Outsourcing) is a business model in which companies outsource or subcontract a specialised external sales team to carry out their commercial sales process. This can include lead generation (SDR), account management (Account Management), alliance and partnership generation (Channel Development) or the management of the entire sales cycle until the deal is closed (BDM).

Instead of having an internal sales team, with all that this entails (time spent searching for, hiring and training talent, with its consequent costs), companies can hire an external team that already has the experience, knowledge of the product and sector in question, tools and networks of contacts necessary to drive sales results in a faster, more economical and safer way.

How do we work with Sales Outsourcing?

In our business consulting, and thanks to our commercial outsourcing services, we have an international team specialised in technological solutions, especially software (AI SaaS, Cloud computing, IoT, VR/AR, Blockchain, etc.) that has the experience and methodology as well as the resources, tools and network of contacts necessary to help you expand your business.

In this way, our expert consultants will take care of all the tasks related to the sales process, whatever your needs, your product and your target market: from Business Development (BDM) to the management of partnerships and strategic commercial alliances (Channel Development), as well as the Sales Task Force (SDR).

For this, our commercial outsourcing team will design a business development plan adapted to your needs and will carry it out in record time, guaranteeing results in a short time, especially in the longest sales cycles.

In addition, Springboard35 has a wide network of contacts that will allow us to identify potential partners according to the characteristics of your company, negotiate and establish distribution and subscription agreements that will help you to strengthen and expand your sales channels.

What are the benefits of Sales Outsourcing?

The benefits of sales or Commercial Outsourcing are several:

Firstly, it allows companies to take advantage of the experience, knowledge, tools and network of contacts of a specialised and highly trained sales team without having to search for, find, hire and (in many cases) train an internal sales team (with the investment of time and money that this entails). This allows companies to reduce costs, risks and time-to-market and, therefore, increase their competitiveness.

For companies such as technology startups, this sales outsourcing model is ideal because the timescales and competition in the technology sector are very demanding and every second is crucial when it comes to going to market and positioning your solution or product. By having an expert team (already trained and with a lot of experience behind them) and specialised, startups can go to market or even start their expansion stage (outside their more local area of impact to a national or international one) much earlier and save a lot of money in the process.

In the case of technology scaleups, the option of outsourcing the sales force may be the best option because, when you receive funding and have investors “around your neck” demanding great results (such as expanding into new markets) in a short time… time becomes a valuable resource, which you can save a lot and invest in other internal management if you let experts take care of the sales process.

And it is precisely in international expansion where the main problems can arise, since having a sales team that is also local and knows the language, culture or even the legislation and even has contacts in the target country can be mission impossible…

Well, all of this can be easily solved if you outsource your sales department to a commercial consulting company that also has local international teams that allow you to overcome all these entry barriers… as is the case of Springboard35.

We are your international sales team

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We offer you a comprehensive service: we design, negotiate and close contracts with your ideal clients.

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Our network of partners will help reduce the cost of acquisition and minimise support difficulties.

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A team of representatives will scour the market to identify and contact your ideal prospects.

Your own sales force

Companies are used to outsource other functions such as marketing, HR or even product development through offshore entities. But why not sales or commercial outsourcing, haven’t you ever considered it?

Building your own sales team requires a significant investment of resources, effort and time, and the return is not always guaranteed; there are always risks.

At Springboard35 we reduce these risks and the investment in time and costs and accompany technology companies in their expansion, offering multiple advantages.

What you get working with us:
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Once your solution is understood and assimilated and we have agreed on a launch plan, we get to work.


We offer you your own commercial team with a lower outlay of time and money.

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We have an international team with more than 20 years’ experience. This has allowed us to verify and develop the successful methodology that we now put at your service.


We adapt to your possibilities and requirements. As we move forward, we adapt to each new situation or need as it arises.

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For us, there are no serious cultural or linguistic barriers thanks to our multicultural and multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Latin America.

We have helped many technology companies to expand their business development in Southern Europe and LATAM in sectors as diverse as:

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Let us help you! Outsource your sales force to us... And don't worry about it!
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Ventajas de outsourcing comercial con Springboard35, Advantages of sales outsourcing services (or commercial outsourcing services and business outsourcing services) with us

Our Sales Outsourcing Services

As a Sales Outsourcing and Commercial consultancy firm, we outsource your business development, SDR and sales department