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At SpringBoard35, as a B2B business development consultancy, we offer various sales outsourcing models to help companies increase sales, improve efficiency and become more profitable.

Our proven methodology and our extensive experience outsourcing the commercial departments of innovative technology companies have allowed us to be market leaders.

Sales Outsourcing:
We help you sell your innovative software solution

With our sales outsourcing services, you can outsource your sales department to us. Or, as we prefer to say, you can integrate us into your sales department as if we were your own sales force.

From the inside, we will help your technology business grow in Southern Europe and Latin America, accompanying you throughout the sales process and carrying out the entire sales cycle.

More and more clients are requesting our commercial outsourcing service, as it is one of the best alternatives today, not only to reduce your workload, but also your investment of resources and time in your market launch.

This is because through our outsourcing service we “take off your shoulders” both the process and the management of commercial tasks that, either due to lack of experience, time or other types of resources, companies are unable or unwilling to take on.

We are your
Sales Outsourcing Team

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As experts in IT business development and consultative selling of technology solutions, we help you expand into new markets and increase your sales.

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We implemented a sales channel development and partner management strategy by finding technology partners and closing deals with resellers, integrators and MSPs.

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We are your sales representative. We carry out market research, identify your potential customers, qualify them and arrange a first meeting.

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Our in-depth market research service enables technology companies to understand their business domain, thereby reducing risks and uncovering opportunities.

Your own
Outsourced Salesforce

Companies are used to outsourcing other functions such as marketing, HR or even product development through offshore entities. But why not outsource sales? Why not outsource sales? Surely you haven’t thought about it.

Creating your own sales team requires a significant investment of resources, effort and time, and the return is not always guaranteed; there are always risks.

At Springboard35 we reduce those risks and the investment in time and costs and accompany technology companies in their expansion, offering multiple advantages.

¿Que ganas trabajando con nosotros? - Nuestros servicios de outsourcing comercial / our sales outsourcing services

Benefits of
outsourcing your
sales team with us


Once we have understood and assimilated your solution and agreed on a launch plan, we get down to work.


We give you the opportunity to have your own sales team with a lower investment in time and money.


We have an international team with more than 20 years of experience, which has allowed us to test and develop the successful methodology that we now put at your service.


We adapt to your possibilities and needs. As we move forward we adapt to every new situation or need that may arise.


For us, there are no cultural or linguistic barriers, thanks to the multicultural and multidisciplinary nature of our team, made up of professionals from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Latin America.

We help technology companies to increase their sales in Southern Europe and Latin America in various sectors.

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How far do you want to expand your technology business?

We operate with local teams in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Latin America, and have a strategic global partnership with AEXUS in the rest of Europe, North America and APAC, allowing you to leap the cultural and linguistic barriers of any market you want to expand into.

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Being our partner
is ALL advantages

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Sales Outsourcing is a business model in which companies outsource or subcontract a specialised external sales team to carry out their commercial sales process. This can include lead generation (SDR), customer relationship or account management, alliance and partnership generation (Channel Development) or the management of the entire sales cycle until the deal is closed (BDM).

Instead of having an internal sales team, with all that this entails (time spent searching for, hiring and training talent, with its consequent costs), companies can hire an external team that already has the experience, knowledge of the product and sector in question, tools and networks of contacts necessary to drive sales results in a faster, more economical and safer way.

In our IT business development consultancy, and thanks to our Sales Outsourcing services, we have an international team specialised in technological solutions, especially software (AI SaaS, Cloud computing, IoT, VR/AR, Blockchain, etc.) that has the experience and methodology as well as the resources, tools and network of contacts necessary to help you expand your business.

In this way, our expert consultants will take care of all the tasks related to the sales process, whatever your needs, your product and your target market: from Business Development (BDM) to the management of partnerships and commercial alliances (Channel Development), including the Sales and Prospecting Force (SDR).

For this, our Sales Outsourcing team will design a business development plan adapted to your needs and will carry it out in record time, guaranteeing results in a short period of time, especially in the longest sales cycles.

In addition, Springboard35 has a wide network of contacts that will allow us to identify potential partners according to the characteristics of your company, negotiate and establish distribution and subscription agreements that will help you to strengthen and expand your sales channels.

The main benefits of commercial outsourcing include the following:

  • More speed: outsourcing to an external team specialised in software / SaaS sales allows you to go to market faster and gain time over the competition; in addition, an expert team will help you shorten your sales cycles.

  • Cost reduction: having an external team is usually cheaper than having it in-house; in addition, you save the time of finding, hiring and training that team and, if it does not respond, there is no penalty for “cutting ties”.

  • Less risk: by gaining time to market, saving costs and not having a minimum contract permanence, you reduce the risks of having a team that, no matter how expert they say they are, are still “unknown”.
And if you add the agility to go to market and the speed in achieving ROI sooner by reducing sales cycles, and the reduction of investment and risks, the result is clear, you get more and better results in less time; ALL advantages.

Let us help you. Expand your business with us... And don't worry about anything!