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At Springboard35 we know how important it is for any company to have an effective and efficient SDR Sales Force.

That is why, among our commercial services, we offer an SDR (Sales Representative) model that will help you generate, identify and get qualified leads, achieving SQLs in a short period of time.

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SDR Sales Force outsourcing allows technology companies to outsource a Sales Representative Task Force specialised in lead prospecting, i.e. the identification, generation and, above all, qualification of prospects to obtain the first qualified meetings (SQL).

If you already have a Sales or Account Management team, you may not need the full Business Development services (BDM) we offer, but you can use our expertise, knowledge, methodology, tools and contacts to achieve better and more qualified prospecting.

In short, we will help you to nurture your sales funnel at the top, not only in quantity but, above all, in quality, which will translate into a higher conversion to closed deals.


Focuses on mapping the market, prospecting, lead identification, and qualification.


Can concentrate on negotiating, closing the deals and managing accounts and projects.

An SDR (Sales Development Representative) is a sales representative whose main objective is to identify and qualify potential customers for the sales team. In other words, an SDR is responsible for finding potential customers for the company and determining whether they are interested and ready to buy.

SDRs often work closely with a company’s internal sales or account management team, nurturing leads for them to manage and close.

By having an SDR Sales Force on their team, a company can ensure that the work at the top of the funnel is done in the most optimal and efficient way and that they are focusing on the most valuable sales opportunities to increase their chances of closing more sales.

In our Sales Representation service, we work closely with your company to understand your needs and sales objectives. After an initial meeting to learn the details of your company, we work with you to develop a customised sales plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Once that plan has been developed, our SDR team will begin working to identify and qualify potential customers for your business. SDRs use a variety of strategies and tools to identify potential customers, including online search techniques, data analysis and cold calling.

Once leads have been identified, SDRs will work closely with your internal sales team to determine if they are interested, have budget, and are ready to buy. If a lead is deemed ready to buy, it will be passed to the sales team (SQL) for closing.

Throughout the process, our sales representation team will keep in close contact with you to ensure you are kept informed of progress and results. We will also make adjustments and changes to the plan if necessary to ensure that your company’s sales targets are achieved and return on investment is maximised.

At Springboard35, we understand the importance of having a highly skilled and results-driven sales team. Our SDR Sales Force service is designed to help you boost your sales and achieve business success effectively by nurturing your funnel from the top with quality leads and prospects.

One of the main benefits we offer is precisely that: the ability to identify and qualify potential leads efficiently. Our SDRs are trained to conduct thorough and detailed research on your target market, allowing us to identify those prospects that are most likely to convert into customers.

This lead qualification strategy ensures that your sales team invests their time and effort in those contacts that really have the potential to generate revenue. All this will allow you to better amortise your sales resources, both financial and human, saving you a lot of time and money that you can dedicate to other tasks.

We guarantee a quick, cost-effective and low-risk solution.

At Springboard35 we have a very successful track record supporting software technology companies. We have conducted prospecting, qualification and procurement processes for SQLs in verticals as varied as Industry, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Telecommunications and Banking, both for markets in Southern Europe and Latin America.

All ISVs, and especially those with a SaaS model, must ensure the growth of their monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Developing your SDR Sales Force is key to scaling and achieving your business and financial goals. However, not all salespeople are able to generate new quality leads. And that’s where we provide key support.

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Although all have the objective of generating sales or business opportunities, an SDR focuses on identifying and qualifying potential customers to obtain a first meeting, while a BDM or an Account Manager focus on closing sales with potential customers, covering the last phases of the sales cycle, from demos to negotiations, until the signature of the contract. In other words, an SDR is the first point of contact with potential customers, while a BDM covers the sales process or sales cycle when it’s already warmer or qualified.

The sales force refers to all those resources, both human and material, that companies use to offer optimal solutions to their customers. To do this, it is vital to have the tools not only to identify their needs, but also to build strong and solid business relationships.

To do this, a sales force company must first carry out a prospecting process through which a study is made of the possibilities of success of the actions that we want to carry out to expand our business. After analysing the data and results obtained in this study, the presentation phase begins, which consists of showing the products and services we offer to the potential clients identified during the prospecting.

Next, the sales force company must demonstrate how the products and services offered provide a solution to the problems or needs of the potential customers. This is followed by a negotiation process with the customers and, finally, the commercial agreement reached is formalised.

Our sales representation (SDR) team will maintain constant communication with you to keep you informed of progress and results. We also provide regular reports on performance and return on investment to ensure you have all the relevant information and are getting the results you are looking for.

If you are not getting the desired results, our sales representation team will work with you to make adjustments and changes to the plan to ensure that you are focusing on the most valuable sales opportunities and maximising your return on investment. If necessary, we can also review and adjust the entire sales representation plan.

In short, our SDR Sales Force service can help your company increase sales, improve sales efficiency and leverage the specialist knowledge and skills of our team of SDRs. If you are looking for a solution to improve your sales, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your sales targets and grow your business.

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