What is a Sales Manager and what are their functions?

In the dynamic business world, knowing what a Sales Manager is is crucial, as he or she is a strategic player. In this blog post, from our Sales Consultancy Springboard35, we will explore in depth what it means to be a Sales Manager and what are the key functions they perform. From customer relationship management to process optimisation, you will discover how this professional contributes to the growth and success of companies. Join us on this journey to unravel the secrets of an effective sales manager.

What is a Sales Manager?

In the intricate business universe, the commercial manager emerges as a master strategist. This visionary leader goes beyond sales, being the architect who shapes commercial and sales execution. From team management to process optimisation, this key figure in sales and business development balances macro vision and micro execution to drive growth.

At Springboard35, we understand the challenges of today’s business landscape, and our team of business development experts is ready to partner with you. Discover how our services not only understand, but also optimise business manager functions, providing tailored solutions that drive efficiency and generate tangible results.


Functions of a Sales Manager

This key role plays a multifaceted role that goes beyond mere supervision. This figure plays a multifaceted role that goes beyond mere supervision. At Springboard35, we take an in-depth look at the functions of this key role, as they are essential to the delivery of your company’s business and commercial strategy.

Strategy and planning

The sales manager not only executes, but also designs. They immerse themselves in strategic planning, developing tactics that align business objectives with the overall vision of the company.

Team management

Leading effective teams is a crucial skill. From selection and training to constant motivation, the sales manager cultivates an environment conducive to optimal performance.

Customer relations

Customer relationship management goes beyond the transaction. The sales manager builds and nurtures long-term relationships by understanding customer needs and ensuring ongoing satisfaction.

Market analysis

Being aware of trends and competition is imperative. The sales manager analyses the market, identifies opportunities and adjusts strategies to keep the company at the forefront.

Process optimisation

Operational efficiency is key. The sales manager evaluates and optimises internal processes, ensuring that each operation contributes to overall success.

At Springboard35, we are committed to empowering each of these functions. Our holistic approach not only understands the complexities of the sales manager role, but also offers tailored solutions that elevate execution and generate tangible results for your business.


Skills a Sales Manager must have

In the competitive business world, being an effective sales manager requires a unique set of skills. At Springboard35, we break down the essential skills that we believe are crucial to leading in the commercial arena.

Persuasive communication

This person must be a master communicator, conveying ideas clearly and persuasively, both internally and externally.

Strategic leadership

The ability to lead teams towards commercial goals, combined with a strategic vision, defines the sales manager as a true leader.


In the face of unexpected challenges, the ability to analyse, adapt and solve problems effectively is essential to keep the operation running smoothly.

Customer orientation

Understanding customer needs and translating them into effective solutions is a crucial skill for building strong and lasting relationships.

Time management

With multiple responsibilities, efficient time management ensures that each task contributes to overall success.

At Springboard35, we recognise the importance of these skills and work tirelessly to leverage them in our Sales Managers. If you are looking for a partner who not only understands these skills, but also cultivates them, join us on this journey to effective and sustainable business leadership.

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