What is sales outsourcing and what are its advantages

Let’s start at the beginning and get straight to the point: sales outsourcing is the process of delegating sales management processes to an external company specialising in Business Development. This company would provide a professional team trained to manage commercial issues, such as market prospecting, lead generation or account managing among others, with a broad experience in this area.

These sales outsourcing companies are meant to rise sales and promote your solution or product, things hard to manage if you have no experience in this field.

But, nowadays, when people hear the term “sales outsourcing” (or “commercial outsourcing“) many people, especially in certain countries less accustomed to this practice, find it super innovative and disruptive. “Why didn’t I think of that before”?

There are companies that outsource HR or marketing, but sales… ah, now that’s something new… isn’t it?


If you think about it, we are actually talking about a practice that has been in place for thousands of years, as since ancient times producers put their goods in the hands of merchants for sale, which is still a way of outsourcing sales.

And so to this day, where these goods, in many cases, are not even tangible and, although outsourcing sales may seem like a crazy idea, if we analyse the issue with a little more perspective, we will realise that it is not such a disruptive solution nor does it mean losing control of the company.

But what are the main reasons why a company decides to outsource its business development or sales department and what are the main advantages that it provides? Well, based on our vast experience, among the main ones we find:

1. It allows you to grow faster:

Although it may seem the opposite, sales outsourcing companies (outsourcing your commercial department) allow you to reduce costs between 20% and 35% less than hiring the team directly. We always have to take into account the associated costs in HR, salaries, social security, possible redundancies, etc.

Saving on costs is good, but if we add to this an acceleration of growth, it becomes a winning formula.

2. It allows you to reduce costs:

When hiring an outsourcing company, there are several costs that can be avoided such as employees or infrastructure. By outsourcing these services, those resources are not necessary. 

3. It allows you to focus on your product and your company:

Perhaps one of the main reasons why outsourcing is so fashionable: focus on developing your product and leave the other aspects to professionals who are experts in those areas.

4. It allows you to specialise:

In highly technical markets it is difficult to hire specialised professionals. It is important to check that the company you hire is a specialist in its sector and to escape from those that offer you experts both to sell tomatoes in bulk and to virtualise equipment.

5. It allows you to be more flexible:

A good sales outsourcing company will be flexible and will adapt to your necessities, your schedules, etc. They will design the most suitable go-to-market, prospecting and lead-generating strategies adapted always to your company’s needs.

These are the main reasons why many companies contact us: we know that these are very common concerns in the business world and we know how to solve them due to our more than 20 years of experience doing this.

At Springboard35, as a sales outsourcing consultancy, we have a large international team specialised in technology solutions (mainly Industry 4.0, Health Tech and E-commerce) to give you the best results in a short time while allowing you to save money and reduce risks related to going to new and unknown markets (especially in other countries). Our more than 60 partners validate us… they cannot be all wrong…. can they?

If you want to know how we can help you to expand and internationalise your business, contact us at any of our contact forms (one of them below these lines, for instance) or at info@springboard35.com. We are your international sales team.

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