Spain: The Gateway to One Billion Customers

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Spain is the main target market for most of our partners and where we have the most success stories. Its competitive advantage is that it is the gateway to other markets in the European Union, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, which together account for more than one billion consumers.

Doing business in Spain is synonymous with doing business with hard-working people, in one of the countries with the best quality of life and the longest life expectancy. In recent years, the country has boosted its technological development, especially in finance, public administration, energy and telecommunications. Health care and industry are set to be the next key players in digitisation.

All this is possible, in part, thanks to the strong government commitment to digital transformation through public investment.


country with the most foreign investment in the world


of revenues come from the following technology sectors:
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Commercial expansion in Spain, Sales expansion in Spain, sales outsourcing in Spain, Commercial outsourcing in Spain

Commercial expansion in Spain, Sales Expansion in Spain

The commercial expansion in Spain and sales expansion in Spain allow you to expand your business and your sales in Southern Europe and LatAm

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Marcos García Chacón - Sales Manager en Springboard35 / Team

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