Sales strategy: 5 “tips” to sell more

When we plan our sales strategy with the aim of selling more of our product, solution or service, we often go about it like a headless chicken. And we search the internet, and we read sales gurus… and our heads explode.

When it comes to sales, to sell, to sell more, to sell better, there are few references/experts to turn to… David Ogilvy, Dale Carnegie… Luis Monge Malo or Isra Bravo (yes, I put them on the same list, I know what I’m doing) among not many others, at least famous ones.

There are many people who sell, but very few who sell well (in this case, well = a lot). Selling, as I said in a post not long ago, is part of life, a part as important and present in our lives as it is to breathe.

We sell when we argue, when we debate, when we want to convince someone of something… when we flirt!

But… Is there any technique or trick to sell more? Yes, there are several. From insistence, being direct and clear, treating the client as if he/she were another person like you (yes, yes, he/she turns out to be!), etc… but all of this is for when we are one on one with our interlocutor.

Now, is there anything you can do BEFORE picking up the phone / sending the email to get better sales results? There is, and today I am going to tell you some of them:

1. Analyse the market WELL:

We must be very clear about our target customer. For this you have the well-known “buyer personas”, market research, landing pages with AB tests … here the list is endless, but it is essential that, before you start contacting someone, you know who to contact.

2. Know and focus on your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE:

Probably (with 99.9% certainty) the solution or product you offer already exists in the market, even if it is not exactly the same as the others… well, focus on that, on your competitive advantage, and highlight it. That is what will differentiate you from your competition, and therefore, what will make you sell more than your competitors.

3. Facilitate the BUYING PROCESS:

When someone wants to give you their money in exchange for your product, service or solution you can’t put obstacles in their way, it has to be highly simple, fluid, in a few steps, without errors… or they will end up buying from someone else! It seems obvious but it is not so obvious.

4. Add VALUE:

And I’m not just talking about the product. It is clear that your product must be good, but a good product does not sell more PER SE, contrary to what many believe; and a good product is good insofar as it provides value (more value, better product and vice versa).

Anyway, as I say, I’m not talking about the product, I’m talking about offering value before offering your product. Show yourself as an authority in your field, give them advice (newsletters and blogs play a very important role here), information… or a free sample of your product, I don’t know, but you know what I mean…

5. You sell to PEOPLE:

Really? I don’t believe it… Yes, you sell to people, and those people are probably as human as you are, so… why do you insist on talking to them as if they were, what do I know, Knights of the order of Greenwich, or Marquises of Valadre… or children? Talk to them as you would talk to your friend, your neighbour, your father: with closeness, with simplicity, with grace.

Maybe you are not very funny, but try to make your messages funny. When people are entertained, when they are amused, they are more likely to give you their money. This is the summary, to know more about it you can Google it).


Check your task list: how many daily responsibilities do you have in addition to selling your product or service? Delegate all activities that are not directly related to sales. When you devote all your energy to selling and eliminate the more superficial tasks and tedious work that consume much of your time, you optimise the hours you need to close more deals.

And I think I’m going to leave it here today; in the next post we’ll show you more tips to increase and improve your sales, otherwise, this one will be too long.

If you want to know more about these experts in sales and technological business development visit us at and discover how we can help you expand and internationalise your business by multiplying your sales… see you soon!

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